Care for your Toyota

Did you know that April and October are national car care months? They were designated as such because April and October are, obviously, good months to prepare your car for the changing seasons. So April, obviously, is a good time for you to get your car ready for greater exposure to heat that comes with long days at the beach and road trips with family and friends.

But getting your car serviced every April and October does more than prepare it for the changing weather. It keeps your car running strong over the longer haul. Put simply, getting your car serviced twice a year—if not more frequently—is just smart, long-term thinking. It also helps to inspect your car on your own every now and then.

So we put together some tips on how to determine and maintain the health of your car and the frequency with which you should get it serviced. We’re sure they’ll help you enjoy your car for longer as well as save you time and money too!

Don’t just stick to the dates on the stickers

The recommended service dates that your dealership scribbles on the stickers on your windshield are just that—they’re recommendations. And they indicate the absolute longest you should wait until your next service appointment. Ideally, you should take your car in for care based on how often you drive, how well you drive and where you drive as well as the weather you’ve been driving in, among other factors. In other words, if you drive in a hilly area or on streets with a lot of potholes, you should probably get your car inspected more often than twice a year…

The devil’s in the details

Don’t ignore the details, whether squeaky noises, little puddles of liquid under your car or a malfunctioning switch. These little things can be signs of bigger problems that could be costlier to fix down the road (no pun intended) if ignored.

If you drive a little crazy

While following the rules of the road and driving with caution—for your personal safety and that of others’ as well as the health of your car—is the way to go, if you like to drive a little crazy off-road, for example, you should get your vehicle examined more often. Also, doing a lot of towing and other forms of heavy-lifting may also warrant more frequent check-ups.

Don’t tire of checking your tires

Checking your tires to make sure they’re inflated properly is the easiest and most cost-effective to save money, as well as stay safe. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, properly inflated tires improves fuel economy by 6%. This is huge for drivers who have to work on-site and have long commutes!

And if you’re leasing…

Although it makes sense to care for your car to ensure a better resale price in the future, it makes even more sense to practice diligent maintenance if you’re leasing your vehicle. Getting penalized for excessive wear and tear on your car when your lease ends can be costly.

So make sure you do the basics regularly—whether it’s April or October or any month in between—including checking your tires and brakes, changing your oil and filter, checking your battery and keeping your fluids at the right level.

Freeman Toyota Service and Parts

The service experts at Freeman Toyota Service Center at Freeman Toyota in Santa Rosa can help you keep your car running strong, long and cost-effectively, but only if you give them the opportunity to do so. All of our service technicians are Toyota trained, Toyota Certified, use Toyota diagnostic equipment and install Toyota Genuine Parts. So call us to make a service appointment.

Whether it’s April or October or any other month, our Toyota Service Technicians are available to serve you.