Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty for Pre-owned Vehicles

All eligible, pre-owned vehicles from Freeman Toyota include a lifetime limited powertrain warranty that protects your engine and transmission for the life of your vehicle at no cost to you.

What vehicles qualify for the Drive Forever Warranty?

Eligible pre-owned vehicles must be 10 years or newer and have fewer than 100,000 miles.

When does Drive Forever Warranty coverage begin?

Coverage begins immediately and runs as long as you own the vehicle.

What does the Drive Forever Warranty cover?

The Drive Forever Warranty covers all internally lubricated parts within the engine and transmission (noted below; excludes seals and gaskets). Additional protection is available and designed to work in tandem with this exclusive coverage.


Cylinder block and cylinder head and all internally lubricated parts, turbocharger, supercharger, harmonic balancer, timing gear, chain and belt, riming cover, intake and exhaust manifolds, valve covers, oil pan and engine mounts.


Transmission case and all internally lubricated parts, torque converter, flywheel/flex plate, vacuum modulator and transmission mounts.

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